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Arriving at Identity
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All I Know about Music is That Not Many People Ever Really Hear It

This artwork is completely inspired by sound and how my brain interacts with sound, color and shape and lines and rhythm. The title of my artwork is an actual quote by James Baldwin. Over a course of almost a year, I listened to house music, and African music and layered the artwork with the visuals, the rhythm and the pattern I would hear.

A Region In My Mind
Awaking in New York
Gifts My Ancestors Gave Me
Nobody Knows My Name
Harlem Baby: Winter In America for Those Who Do Not Sing The Song of Career Slaves
A Place Where Water is Pure
Untitled - February 6, 2022 10.57.58
A Harlem Story
Harlem Child
Home to Me
Choose Life
River People #4
Emmett Till: How She Sent Him and How Sh
Down by the Riverside
River People #1
Middle Passage
Mr. Charlie
Harlem Baby and A Bottle of Harriet
Double Consciousness: The Strange Meanin
River People #3
Harlem Child in the Window
Through the lens of Michelle
River King
Bitch's Brew #2
Harlem Baby No. 1.
The Black Woman Coalition

This artwork was created on the heals of the 2020 Election. This artwork honors the work and dedication of Black women in the 2020 United States Election.

Harlem Forever
Breonna Taylor  (Please visit

I was commissioned by the NAACP to create a poster that honors Breonna Taylor. Please visit

I Am a Man A Man I Am
The Day that George Floyd Died
Terence Crutcher  (Please visit voteinth

I was commissioned by the NAACP to create a poster that honors Terence Crutcher. Please visit

Baldwin's Prophecy The Fire Next Time
We The People?
The Exonerated 5
The Allegory of Colin Kaepernick
The Evidence of Things Not Seen
What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue?
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Just Above My Head
Harlem Baby: My Lord What A Morning
Everybody's Journey is Individual
The Soul of Black Folk
Found My Soul A Friend
A Dream Deferred
Vagina Jazz
Mamie Till: Grace Under Fire
Speaking of Rivers
Libation for the Lynched
How Can Anyone Deny Themselves the Pleasure of My Company?
Tomorrow I'll Be at That Table
Bitches Brew
Blues for Mr. Charlie
Song of a Sabine Woman
A Seat at God's Table
After Saturday Night Comes Sunday
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