• by Lisa Whittington

Remembering Medgar Evers

Maria Margaronis, Mark Burman and I, on our assignment in Jackson Mississippi couldn't leave without a visit to the home of Medgar Evers. As the new field secretary for the NAACP, Medgar Evers first assignment was to investigate the murder of Emmett Till.

Medgar Evers along with two other field workers, disguised themselves as sharecroppers and tracked down potential witnesses to the events of Emmett Till's death and convinced several people including Mose Wright to come forward and testify at the 1955 trial.

Medgar Evers was also responsible for shepherding them out of Jackson Mississippi in secrecy when Emmett's murderers were found not-guilty by an all white jury.

But Turquoise.

One of the things that struck me was the color of the Evers home. It was a bright turquoise leaning more on the green side. Turquoise is a bright, calm and hopeful color. I know that people choose colors that are characteristic of their heart.

And Red.

Medgar Evers blood stains were still on the concrete of the driveway. My heart just went into a million places thinking about Myrlie Evers and her children on that day.

Turquoise and Red.

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