The Crepusular Light

July 13, 2018

The Crepusular Light

By Lisa Whittington



Sunsets have more color than sunrise. 

A chorale of waves in symphony with the sun.

The ocean signs a treaty for my cares and bids me home.

The sky is on fire.

I’m here.

There’s a ceasefire

And beauty is in closure

And a treasure in goodbye

A day’s finale

A era’s denouement.

There is a declaration in the sunset



For life doesn’t come with directions, but it arrives with sunsets everyday.

Every breath at the shore is never wasted


Delight in the blazing sky

A bonfire of the unrest

Skyflame becomes my favorite color

Tide washes the ashes to the high seas






Wash up on shore at my feet

Eventide offerings



Living is incredible and fascinating

Have you ever seen water set on fire?

I enter the flames

My essence is massaged with every moving tide

kneading my heart

I’ve returned to that which sent me back

and find myself where the music meets the sea

Why do we call the planet earth when it is mainly ocean?

The potent power of its strength is in me.

The King’s Blue,

the ocean is one drop of me


Goddesses don’t worry about shrimp

We eat them.

 Photo credit:  Noka Chaney


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