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Mamie Till: Grace Under Fire DECODED

Mamie Till in My Dreams

January 5, 2003 I had a dream about Mamie Till. All I could see was her face floating in my dream. I didn’t think anything of it. I got up and went to work and I saw a small headline on the newspaper that said Mamie Till Mobley had passed away. I wondered if that was a coincidence.

A few days later, I went to a memorial service for Mamie Till at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Auburn Avenue. I felt compelled to go like I needed to be there. I remember on the corner of Jackson and Auburn Avenue. I saw the figure of a man standing on the corner across the street watching me. A black man I didn’t recognize. I didn’t feel afraid. He was just standing there. Then all of a sudden he disappeared before my eyes. I rubbed my eyes. Nobody is going to believe me. It startled me and I sat inside the memorial service bewildered by what I had just experienced. I called my best friend and I documented it inside my journal when I got home. I was having a lot of strange spiritual experiences. Maybe they were all connected.

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