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Decoding my art for Students at Baton Rouge Magnet HS

A wonderful group of students at Baton Rouge Magnet HS in Baton Rouge Louisiana contacted me to help them understand some of my art. Their teacher, Ms. Marshall, lead the class in a discussion about art and Black history and a group of the students decided to research women in contemporary art and they chose me. In their class discussion and presentation, they were able to decode most of my art and seemed to have done a great job decoding (I'm impressed!) but needed a little help figuring out the meaning behind some of the work. We exchanged several emails which impressed me with the level of intellect, engagement, and fortitude to learn and know the truth from high school students. The discussion got deeper into art and identity and how I arrived at certain artworks and the symbolism and meaning behind some of the content.

I've been meaning to decode some of the other works but thanks to these students and their teacher at Baton Rouge Magnet High School, I've gotten the task done.

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